Chair Back Wedges for Wooden Furniture Repair (12 pieces)

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Chair back wedges are used to hold the post of the back securely in the seat.  Made of quality Birch hardwood, these chair back wedges are cut with the grain for maximum strength.  Sold as a package of 12 chair wood wedges.  We use these wedges in our own workshop at Wooden It Be Nice Furniture Repair.

Dimensions - 3/4 x 2 1/2", 3/16" thick

Chair backs that attach to the seat of a chair are held in place with a split tenon.  The tenon is wedged against the end grain of the chair seat to hold it snugly in place.

Instructions to Repair Chair Backs:

  1. Carefully clean out the old wedge in the split tenon (end of the chair back post) using a hand saw
  2. Slide a chair back wedge into the slot to where it starts to bind on the split tenon
  3. Mark the location where the wedge meets the end of the chair back post
  4. Cut the chair back wedge 1/8" longer than needed so it can be inserted into the split tenon and have room to be driven into the slot
  5. Glue the chair back in place with hide glue, then turn over the chair
  6. Apply hide glue to one side of the wedge (this makes it easier to restore the chair in the future if needed)
  7. While holding the seat back post firmly to the seat, insert the wedge and tap it in with a mallet
  8. Trim the chair wedge with a flush cut saw