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Fireplace Mantel -

Learn about the fireplace we designed and built for our living room.  Plans are available if you would like to make one yourself or hire someone to build it for you.

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Window Sill -

In a renovation where we were replacing windows, we decided to step up the finish detail by adding window sills.   We built a new fireplace mantel so we wanted something that would complement that character.  We were replacing the existing windows so this was a good time to redo the window trim detail The first thing to do is to check that there's enough room in the wall framing to allow a larger board to be installed at the base of the window.   The wood on the inside of a window frame is called the window jamb.  This wood is usually...

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Repair, Wood Filler, Wood Putty -

Learn about the various types of wood fillers available to repair dents, nail holes, and general defects in wooden furniture.  See how they're applied and which one to use on your repair project.

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