Furniture Repair Education

Fixing Furniture YouTube channel

Learn how to repair wooden furniture on our Fixing Furniture website.  We offer a membership program to support the education and community of furniture repair enthusiasts to start or improve their skills.  Here are samples of the videos where we share woodworking and repair tips in our workshop.  

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Antique Rocking Chair Restoration

How do you repair a broken rocker? See how this antique is restored to working order. This rocking chair was made by John C. Mundell & Co in Elora, Ontario, Canada

Thrift Store Desk Build YouTube
A Desk Build from Old Parts

This is Laurie's desk, made from old desk pedestals. We added a new top and curved apron at the front. The transformation is amazing.

Upholstered Chair Repair Part 1 YouTube
Upholstered Chair Repair with Broken Cross Rail Part 1

See how this broken cross rail is repaired.  The second part shows reinstalling the upholstery and can be watched using this link Upholstered Chair Repair Part 2

Pedestal Table Leg Repair YouTube
Pedestal Table Leg Repair with Vector Clamping

Repairing pedestal table legs is challenging because clamping curved parts is difficult. Learn the trade secrets here.

Replacing Chair Parts YouTube
How to Replace Missing Chair Parts

See how to repair furniture by making replacement parts.

Chair Stretcher Replacement Repair YouTube
How to Replace A Broken Chair Stretcher

This new chair stretcher was made on the lathe and stained to match the existing chair.

Broken Chair Leg Repair YouTube
Broken Chair Leg Repair

Learn how to repair a broken chair leg. For this repair, the chair leg broke in a way that it could be glued together again. With patience, and a few woodworking tricks, this chair comes back together.

Broken Chair Repair YouTubeHow to Repair Breaks

There are furniture pieces that have come through our workshop that shouldn't have broken. This is part of a trend I'm seeing with imported furniture.

Chair Back Spindle Repair YouTubeSpindle Repair on a Chair Back

This video shows you how to remove the back of this Windsor chair and the process for reproducing and replacing the broken spindles.

Bad Chair Repair YouTubeBad Furniture Repair and How to Fix It

Please don’t repair a piece of furniture without knowing how to fix it properly. This is an example of how to properly repair furniture.

Restore American Windsor Chair YouTubeRestoring an American Windsor Chair

This restoration of a reproduction American Windsor chair shows how to repair "through tenons" and work with fish glue.

Repair Wobbly Chairs YouTubeHow to Repair Wobbly Chairs Properly

Learn how to repair a wobbly chair in this step-by-step instructional video.

Failed Furniture Repairs YouTube Examples of Failed Furniture Repairs

We show you failed furniture repairs and the proper way to repair them.

Fix Broken Dowels YouTubeHow to Remove Broken Dowels

Learn the trade secrets of how to remove and replace broken dowels in furniture joints.

Piano Leg Braket Repair YouTubePiano Bench Leg Repair with Leg Bracket

See how to repair this piano bench that was built with kerf-mount corner brackets.

Types of Wood Glue YouTubeWood Glue Types for Woodworking

Not all Wood Glue works the same.  Learn about the types of glue and what they're used for.

Pneumatic Staple Gun for Upholstery YouTubePneumatic Staple Gun for Upholstery

There's such a difference between spring actuated and pneumatic staple guns. In this video I unbox and test this Paslode staple gun.